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With 20 years of construction and roofing experience, the Alpha & Omega Team promises to do what we do best - provide 100% customer satisfaction and restore your roof.  


Why Us?


Our business philosophy is pretty simple, we deal with our customers according to the Golden Rule - treating them as we too would like to be treated. When the customer wins - we win. 

Industry Leading Warranty


This is literal. If at any point (after we have worked on your roof) you happen to have questions or issues, simply let us know and our team will work to resolve the issue. 

We Care


Yes, we're running a business and want to turn a profit however what sets us apart from many others is that we care deeply about our customers satisfaction. 




For most, your home is your most valuable asset and that is why Alpha & Omega specializes in making sure that you are well taken care of by your insurance carrier and us.  



Facility Directors carry a weighty responsibility because one of their main jobs is to ensure that the normal operations (factory, church, school, hotel, etc.) continue without disruption and this is why the Alpha & Omega Team, will ensure all repairs run smoothly. 

Maintenance & Repairs


Got leaks, loose shingles, damaged gutters, broken fence or even dark spots in your roof? Click here to schedule a team member perform a free and timely inspection. No job is too small. 


Recent Work 

Wondering if Your Property Might
Have Storm Related Damage? 


Great question! Allow our experienced team to perform a free, no obligation inspection. We'll look for any potential damage and if deemed necessary, we'll advise you on next steps. We make it fast and simple, just fill out the form below and we'll accommodate to fit your schedule. 

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